Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One: Your Favorite Childhood Memory Revisited

The critters of Zoo Tycoon are back. Commence nostalgia.

If you were a child of the ‘90s or ‘00s, you probably devoted countless hours to playing a variety of Tycoon games. Naturally (as one of those children) when Game Stop presented me with some sort of “Buy 3” promotion during my last visit, I had to throw the new Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One into the bundle.

Zoo Tycoon Interaction

Top: Screenshot of interacting with animals by feeding, washing, and playing with them. Bottom: Screenshot of driving buggy through park.

The game is not at all difficult, and the gamer in me was slightly disappointed by the simplicity, but my
inner child rejoiced. After you get over the lack of depth –  but is that why we played it in the first place? – the new features are everything that an 8-year-old me dreamed could exist. You can now descend from the sky and play in a mode where you walk among your zoo guests. The traditional “God in the sky” option is still available, but the numerous ways that you can interact with over 100 species of beautiful animals, complete buggy races, and design exhibits make the new mode my preference (as well as making the game incredibly addictive).

The game also allows users to share their zoos with one another and even create zoos together. Not only is that more fun, but it makes my inner humanitarian feel warm and fuzzy inside because when you complete collaborative events Microsoft donates money to different animal charities.

On my first day playing, I sent my 19-year-old sister a Snapchat of me feeding a giraffe. By the end of that day she had gone out and gotten the game as well. And so the story began.  So is this my go-to game every day? No, it’s not quite cut out for that. But every now and again, it’ll be a nice little trip down memory lane.

Oh, and dear developers, please hurry up with a downloadable aquarium and/or dinosaur expansion pack. I’ll be waiting.

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