The New Zelda Outfits: Fad Or Fail?

So yesterday The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes released a trailer showcasing their new ~fashion forward~ game updates — they dubbed it “Fighting Evil With Fashion.” And I have to say, this is one movement I can get on board with. So I took it upon myself to check out the new outfits and rank them 1-8, best to worst… you’re welcome.

1. Tingle Tights 

tingle tights
Is that a balloon tail?! I like balloons because #party. There’s something about this Robin-esque outfit that I’m really digging on. Between the fun tights, the AWESOME name (tingle tights?! come on, loves it), and the balloon tail thingy that’s going on here, I want this.

2. Big Bomb Outfit 

big bomb outfit
This outfit screams SWAT to me. It’s like an updated, badass, video game version of a SWAT uni and honestly I am all about it. (Is being attracted to a man in a SWAT uniform weird? Asking for a friend.)

3. Spin Attack Attire

Spin Attack Attire
This kinda reminds me of a tricked out Geisha outfit. I think it’s the headpiece that takes me there, but it’s kind of edgy and I’m not mad at it. Not mad at all.

4. Legendary Dress

legendary dress
Call me lame here but a dress? You can’t do better than a dress? I mean you can put the word legendary in front of it all you want but it’s still just a dress.

5. Lucky Loungewear

Lucky Loungewear
Okay. Let me begin by saying I am ALL about that comfy clothes life. I’m 100% #TeamPJs all day every day. But this looks like a clown costume, not “loungewear.” And I hate clowns I think they’re scary and so I hate this.

6. Goron Garb

goron garb
What is a Goron? And why does this ‘fit look like a chubby-in-the-middle sunflower costume?

7. Zora Costume

zora costume
Just no. First of all, this is NOT flattering and what person would wanna wear something that adds extra pounds? Also it looks kinda like Yoshi, but it’s not Yoshi and could never be Yoshi so stop trying to be Yoshi. I miss Yoshi.

8. Hero’s Tunic

hero's tunic
Peter Pan called, he wants his outfit back.



What are you favorite new outfits for Zelda? Tweet me @GamerDOTtv and let me know!


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