Street Fighter 5 Introduces Laura Matsuda

Game: Street Fighter 5
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release Date: Q2 2016

  • Creativity: It’s really only gameplay — or should I say it’s really only Laura Matsuda kicking some guy’s butt.
  • Execution: I guess the graphics were dece, but overall I’m unimpressed.
  • Impact: It’s safe to say that this trailer did nothing for me in terms of wanting to play (or buy) the game.

This gal Laura Matsuda is quite the conundrum. She’s not a small girl by societal standards — she’s got the washboard abs, muscled arms, and a thick lower body — which is great, female ass kickers need that strength. But are those assless chaps she’s wearing? Or were her pants so tight she ripped them while she was going up for the round kick? #notpractical

And the boobs. Can we discuss for a second? I mean, honestly, how could you get any ass kicking done with those things bouncing around everywhere? Could a girl really concentrate when her huge bazookas are hanging out and she’s teetering on the edge of a MAJOR nip slip?! I think not, friends.

Whoever created this character started out so strong. Laura has all the athletic characteristics a tough woman needs. But it’s almost like they were done making her and thought, “Oh, I know! Men like boobs… let’s give her huge boobs!” Such a strange, unnecessary feature on an otherwise solid character.

But for the record: Hey ladies? Embrace your curves! No one says that you can’t be curvy AND a total badass. All body types should be celebrated — in life and in video games! Work it, girls.

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