Need For Speed: Turbocharged or Dead Last?

Will Need For Speed rev your engines or crash and burn?

GAME: Need For Speed

FAIL_ALIENEurogamer (Martin Robinson)
“The result, sadly, is a Need for Speed that’s flat, awkward and a sizeable step back for the series after its recent purple patch.”

MEH_ALIENDestructoid (Chris Carter)
“When you factor in Need for Speed’s forgettable story, you’re left with a slightly above average racing game that’s not as enjoyable as past series entries.”

MEH_ALIENGamesRadar (Ludwig Kietzmann)
“Need for Speed takes driving into a gorgeous world with a modern edge, but its pesky attitude and strict online-only requirement make you yearn for the good old days.”

WIN_ALIENGameSpot (Scott Butterworth)
“This latest Need For Speed follows in the footsteps of the first Fast and Furious film by exploring the white-knuckled world of illegal street racing. While it’s not a completely novel approach for the series, it does open a few new avenues for Need For Speed’s arcadey but nuanced style of racing–most notably in its progression and customization systems.”

MEH_ALIENIGN (Luke Reilly)
“Need for Speed looks the part, sounds the part, and is surprisingly reverent to real-world car culture. I like the direction Ghost has taken here, and I think it’s the right one, but beneath its flashy exterior it’s not quite firing on all cylinders.”

VERDICT: I deem this one disqualified.

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