GameFly Streaming: Did I Get Excited for Nothing?

GameFly has deemed their newly launched game streaming service the “Netflix of games.” But is it really?

As a devout Netflix enthusiast, I make sure to dedicate at least an hour a day to it. So I was pretty excited to hear that GameFly now offers a streaming service, as well. Checking the GameStop App is fun and all, but seriously, running to GameStop to pick up whatever I put on hold is a throwback to the days of Blockbuster (South Park reference, anyone?).

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First thing to know about GameFly streaming: It’s available on Amazon Fire and Samsung Smart TVs and it works with Xbox wired controllers, and the Logitech F310 and F710.

So if you don’t have Amazon Fire or a Samsung Smart TV you’re out of luck (unless you want to go out and drop hundreds of bucks on a new TV device so that you can pay $7/month for streaming). And guess what? I have a wireless Xbox controller…  So I suppose I could go out and buy a wired one, but I would have to plug it into the TV and stand about 3 feet away the entire time I’m playing… But this isn’t a complete deal breaker, as there are probably ways around this dilemma – so let’s keep on, shall we?

Second thing to know about GameFly streaming: It doesn’t stream like Netflix. You may think it does, but it doesn’t.

You think you’re getting this any time you want, any way you want:

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Image source:!/stream

But that’s not the case.  GameFly streaming starts at $7/month, but that only gets you a “pack” of games centered around a theme – so you can get a LEGO game bundle, or a “Hardcore Pack” with Red Faction and Mafia II, or an adventure game bundle with Batman Arkham and other similar games, so on and so forth. And if you really want to explore a particular video game genre, you can get the “Gamer Pack” for 16 games at $10/month. But those are still in the same genre. So if I want Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, LEGO Jurassic Park, and Kingdom Hearts 3…  I’m pretty much SOL – unless I want to enlist each of my friends to sign up for a different bundle.

Andy-Bernard-Saying-Congratulations-on-your-Epic-FailMy verdict:

No, GameFly streaming, you’re not the “Netflix of games.” And yes, I got excited for nothing. But thanks for trying.

And here’s my plea to the gaming world: somebody please make a true “Netflix of games.”


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