#ForceFriday: What We’re Geeking Out About

Remember that sick BB-8 droid unveiled at Comic-Con? Well cancel your Christmas list because Sphero just released its adorable counterpart right before the holiday season.

Maybe it’s the size, but when that cute little nugget peeks around corners and makes friends with a goldfish, we literally can’t even.

But it isn’t just cuteness that makes this little guy so appealing. As a miniature version of the BB-8 droid, you’re looking at a fully functional robot that just might be the biggest Star Wars toy since portable lightsabers. After your bionic bud charges up on the dock, you can use an app on your phone to drive him around the house and right into your family’s hearts.

At $150, it might err on the pricier side — but we have a feeling that the BB-8 baby will be a mega hit this holiday season. So put your order in now before the coolest toy from a galaxy far, far away sells out.

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