Drone Racing: The Next eSport?

Ever wonder what the next generation of sports looks like? Cue: drone racing – an underground movement of robot flying that promises an epic Star Wars-like future. In the video below you can see competitors dip, duck, and dive around an abandoned building in a futuristic battle of the bots. Yet this is only the beginning.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just invested $1 million in the first Drone Racing League and he’s not even first on the scene. Earlier this year, the California State Fair hosted the US National Drone Racing Championships for two days and a $25,000 cash prize. Over a hundred amateur pilots showed up. Smaller races have also been going on in Europe and Australia.

As drone racing becomes more popular, you can bet that drones will become as cool and high tech as the sick mechanics you see in Robot Wars So if you’ve got $200-$27,000 or think you can build one yourself, we’ll see you on the field.

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