Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: Fab Or Fail?

Will this home design experience be a happy one?

GAME: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
PLATFORM: Nintendo 3DS

MEH_ALIENEuroGamer (Matt Wales)
“Charming yet utterly aimless, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a curious off-shoot that’s best for those with a sweet tooth.”

WIN_ALIENGamesRadar (Daniella Lucas)
“One of the most perfectly executed and unbelievably charming sets of design tools I’ve seen in gaming.”

MEH_ALIENGameSpot (Justin Haywald)
“Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer does so much right … But that’s not enough to make up for the shallow, unrewarding experience.”


WIN_ALIENIGN (Kallie Plagge)
“Happy Home Designer gets pretty much everything right when it comes to decorating, encouraging creativity, and exploring different styles. It’s sometimes unsatisfying to work without a sense of progression, but taking away progression unlocks means there’s no limits on the creativity you can express with Animal Crossing’s huge range of options.”

MEH_ALIENPolygon (Griffin McElroy)
“Making homes in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is enjoyable, but it’s just not enough to hold up the weight of an entire game.”

VERDICT: It just might be worth trying your hand at some interior design.

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