Emanating from deep inside the glass-and-steel-encased heart of Century City, Gamer.TV covers the lifestyle and culture of gaming. Gamer.TV is the latest media venture from Entertainment Studios. The Gamer.TV team includes…

AlleyCatAllie “AlleyCat” Sclafani

A Witchblade wannabe, AlleyCat is an old soul with a penchant for shirtless men and Monet paintings. She loves Doctor Who, contributed to a Firefly Kickstarter, and can be found either reading a dirty romance novel or hiking with her dog, Andi.



Cassie OhCassie “Cassie Oh!” Sclafani

Cassie Oh! is a gym-obsessed sports fanatic who loves Jameis Winston (GO NOLES!) and literally every dog ever. Her hobbies include pizza, air drumming, and getting drunk in her yoga pants.



Janae MonfortJanae “Janners” Monfort

A devoted Disney fan and gluten-free foodie, Janners spends most of her time watching Netflix and pretending to be trendier than she actually is. She aspires to one day be admitted into the Assassin Order or discover that she’s related to Kate Middleton.

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